Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine


We have all heard from time to time that all wounds heal better with time...

When it comes to your body, that isn't necessarily the case. Though some conditions do take longer to heal, what really gives the backbone to the healing progress is YOU! How you move, how you do self care, and how you practice wellness. Healing can be as fast or slow of a process as you make it.. And if you don't move enough....well let's just say you may not like the way your body feels after a certain age 🤪

It is widely known that muscles can slowly lose their ability to contract properly if we stop using them. And they can also shrink up to 20% a week if you stop training them.

Muscles rely on neurons called motor units. These neurons send electrical impulses and sensory information from the sensory receptors in muscles to the brain to prompt a movement. When you increase the demand on the muscle (i.e. weightlifting, physical activity, etc) more motor units are required to allow more balanced contraction in the muscle.

So if you stop moving, less motor units are produced that you need in order to maintain sufficient functionality, leading to weaker and smaller muscles with less motor control. 😉

This is why I always give anyone who I work on mobility work, corrective exercise, Tai Chi movements, and breath work to take home because if no one tells you to keep moving who will?🤩

Tell me how you keep your body moving in the comments below!

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