Our Team

Scott Beachley, Licensed Massage Therapist   For those of you, Who may not know who I am yet, I wanted to give you a little background story on how this all got started:

    I am Scott Beachley, 26yrs old, Raised in Long Beach, California.

Currently Self-Employed for the past three years as a Licensed Massage Therapist in California serving
Long Beach, Los Angeles, &
Orange County. I have a
beautiful family, a 
old Daughter.

(After a year of mobile work, I formed my LLC in 2021).

    I remember, walking into my first day of massage school and the teacher was having everybody go around and see why they wanted to join this class. So when it came to my turn, they asked, "Why did you join this class?" My response was "My goal is to open a wellness center one day" and the whole class laughed mockingly, wondering if some 20-year -old could really handle the responsibilities that he just decided to undertake. From that point on, I felt a burning fuel, a fire within me, that sparked every action I've taken today to relentlessly pursue my success.

   I've been a Massage Therapist for five (5) years, and throughout that time I've had the honor of learning from some of the industry's top mentors & practitioners in the field. Some have worked with IFBB Body Building Pros for over 20 years, some have been teachers of massage therapy for over 20 years, & some I have been practicing in my line of work for over a decade!

   I graduated from Downey Adult School Massage Therapy Program in November 2018 and was fully licensed by FEB 2019. After working in many different spas, sports massage places, & medical massage clinics, as well as chiropractors offices, I decided that I really wanted to focus on doing something on my own.
Neufit Practitioner Certification
   After losing my job during Covid-19 & finding out that I had a bundle of joy on the way, I felt the pressure & decide to open Mystic Massage As a mobile massage therapy business serving Los Angeles & Orange County. Throughout the first year, I built enough clientele that I had the opportunity to rent space out of MetroFlex Gym in Long Beach during 2020. After establishing my reputation there as a top sports therapist for bodybuilders in powerlifters, I also had the opportunity to work out of FitNation Gym in Norwalk.

   Fast forward to 2021, I had gained enough success and built enough of a client base to open my practice out of Self Made Training Facility in Long Beach, but I knew that my goal was to one day open my own store.
Infectious Control Certification 2022
   After becoming so busy there, six months later I decided to open my own private office out of WeWork in Long Beach during 2021. Throughout the past two years, I've grinded sometimes seven days a week, 16 hours a day, with little sleep, and barely enough free time to take care of myself to build my business to the point where it's gone today. And now the opportunity to open my own storefront, and begin to build the wellness center of my dreams!

   When I was 17 years of age, a freshman student at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, I had a vision that I was going to create a community and serve them to be able to improve their wellness and give them the ancient traditional practices that I have learned to heal my own body & help them reach their goals for physical, mental, & spiritual wellness. After studying Peace Studies, Permaculture, Sustainability, Tai Chi, Yoga, Inclusivity, & Social Sciences of Intersectionality; I felt ready to take on and tackle and responsibilities and goals in my way to opening a wellness center.

   I take pride in always leading my friends & family to positively make lifestyle changes to improve their wellness as well as set an example for my daughter on how to become the most successful you can possibly be!
Mystic Massage & Wellness Center Logo
This is just the beginning.
The Wellness Center is just a stone in the giant
steps towards the goals I have to serve humanity...

Thanks to all who inspire me & support my small business! Without You,
I wouldn't be able to do this and I am eternally grateful to be able
to continue this during trying times of the economy.

Stay tuned for more background info on
Mystic Massage & Wellness Center!